Agence Ter Landscape Architects: The spa towns of Bad Oeynhausen and Löhne lanched an international competition in September 1997, for the design and staging of the Landesgartenschau (regional garden show) 2000. Our plan, which was chosen as the winner, integrates the event dimension (a 6-month-long exhibition) and the dimension of durability (the creation of public spaces). Based on the revelation of underground water and display of visible water, the plan offers both ephemeral gardens and the bases for demonstrations that will partially disappear at the end of the exhibition. It has been open since April 2000.

Design Team: Agence Ter Landscape Architects
Project: Park setting for regional garden show
Client: LGS 2000 Bad Oeynhausen-Lohne
Competition winning project
Completion: 2000
Budget: 22 M€ ex tax
Area: 35 hectares
Text & photos: Agence Ter

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