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Location: Rotterdam / The Netherlands / Type: Parks / Built: 2005 /
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OKRA: Central to the master plan are the public function, accessibility and park usage. The Afrikaanderplein is characterized on the one hand by greenery – the park – and on the other by the diversity of cultures in the neighbourhood that meet here. It is the basis for the functional approach of the park; a free central area surrounded by a framework of specific functions that require a specific layout, such as the market, playground and aviary. Three sides of this zone are intensely used. One side is quiet, the green oasis, where the botanical gardens and mosque are located. A water feature with a single bridge ensures that this area stays quiet.

The parkland is the most open and green area. A raised wedge bisects the parkland. On the edge of the wedge is the stage, which is surrounded by diagonal lines, which criss-cross one another. The orbital path of nature stone forms a transitional area to the specific functions in the outer skin. The outer skin, with a roof of plane trees, forms the transition to the city life in the streets surrounding the Afrikaanderplein. The inner part of the park is surrounded by a park fence, which delineates the core of the park and ensures safety, sustainability and quality of use. During the day huge parts of the special designed fence are opened over 30 meter to make the park very accessible.

Landscape Architecture: OKRA
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Design: 1999 – 2002
Construction: 2003-2005
Costs : € 8,1 milj. (incl. VAT)
Photos: Ben ter Mull
Text: Okra

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