Adventurous Garden Wins Danish Landscape Award 2023

Landezine team congratulates MASU Planning for winning the award!

PRESS: H.C. Andersen’s Have by MASU Planning is the winner of the Danish Landscape Prize 2023. The prize is DKK 50,000 and is awarded by ‘Danske Arkitektvirksomheder’, ‘Park- og Naturforvalterne’ and ‘Danske Landskabsarkitekter’.

MASU Planning wins Danish Landscape Award 2023 for ‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’, located in the heart of Odense. MASU Planning received the Danish Landscape Award at an award event on 23 November in Vartov in Copenhagen, where ‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’ was presented alongside the three other finalists; ‘Bispebjerg’s Helende Haver’ by ‘Erik Brandt Dam Arkitekter’ and ‘Charlotte Skibsted Landskab’, ‘Karen’s Minde Aksen’ by ‘Schønherr’ and ‘The Social Spine’ by ‘SLA’.

The host, Michael Thouber, director of ‘Kunsthal Charlottenborg’, opened the event by emphasizing that good landscape architecture shares many qualities with a good artwork; It is innovative, it is driven by a strong idea, aesthetic and stimulates imagination and reflection. While at the same time landscape architecture serves a concrete function.

H.C Andersen’s Have is Odense’s New Refuge

This year marks the 11th time that the Danish Landscape Award has been awarded by ‘Danske Arkitektvirksomheder’, ‘Park- og Naturforvalterne’ and ‘Danske Landskabsarkitekter’. The jury, consisting of a representative from each of the three organizations and two independent members, highlights that the record number of nominations for this year’s award is the strongest in the history of the Danish Landscape Award. Therefore, it has been difficult to choose between the four exemplary and value-creating finalists, of which ‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’ was crowned as the winner.

Steen Himmer, landscape architect MPN in Gladsaxe Municipality and representative for ‘Park- og Naturforvalterne’, is the spokesperson for the jury and explains the background of H.C. Andersen’s Garden as the winner of the Danish Landscape Award 2023.

H.C. Andersen’s Have by MASU Planning is a sensory refuge in the city, with its playful character attracting both children and adults. Each garden space carries a special atmosphere, where the garden plants are carefully selected to create a wealth of sensory impressions, ensuring a changing expression throughout the seasons. The garden supports the experience of H.C. Andersen’s House but also functions as an independent landscape project. It is also positive that initiatives have been taken regarding water collection and biodiversity,” says Steen Himmer.

A Mood in the Spirit of H.C. Andersen

The jury’s motivation for ‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’ as the winner includes: “As in H.C. Andersen’s storytelling, the perception of nature, weather, and landscape serves as a starting point for new adventures in ‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’. The ugly duckling among the leaves. Thumbelina hidden in a graceful flower. The five entrances from the surrounding streets are all open and invite the city’s residents and visitors to take a green shortcut or a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Together, the building complex and garden architecture appear as a symbiosis, contributing new significant, exemplary qualities to the area and creating an atmospheric whole entirely in the spirit of H.C. Andersen.”

‘H.C. Andersen’s Have’ is part of a vibrant interaction with H.C. Andersen’s House, developed by Kengo Kuma & Associates in collaboration with Cornelius+Vöge Atelier for architecture, ‘CW Arkitekter’, lighting designer Jesper Kongshaug, Søren Jensen Consulting Engineering Company, and with OK Nygaard as the landscaper. Odense Municipality is the client for the project.


There were a record number of nominations for the Danish Landscape Prize 2023, and the four finalists are:

WINNER: H. C. Andersen’s Have // Total Consultant: Kengo Kuma & Associates. Landscape Architect: MASU Planning. Architects: Cornelius+Vöge Atelier for architecture, CW Arkitekter. Lightning Designer: Jesper Kongshaug. Engineer: Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma. Landscaper: OK Nygaard. Client: Odense Municipality.

FINALIST: Bispebjerg’s Helende Haver // Landscape Architects: Erik Brandt Dam Architects (Total Consultant) and Charlotte Skibsted Landskab. Engineer: Artelia. Contractors: Malmos Landscapes, Kjell Pedersen Enterprise, KAH Enterprise, and Emil Nielsen’s Smedeværksted. Client: Region Hovedstaden with a donation from A.P. Møller Fonden.

FINALIST: Karen’s Minde Aksen // Landscape Architect and Total Consultant: Schønherr. Engineer: WSP. User Involvement: Vida Local. Contractor: Ebbe Dalsgaard A/S. Clients: Copenhagen Municipality and HOFOR.

FINALIST: The Social Spine // Landscape and Nature Design: SLA. Engineers: ABC Engineering consultants. Client Advisor: arki_lab. Contractor: Optimus Anlæg. Clients: Øresundskollegiet / PAB, Construction Manager: FA09.

The jury for the Danish Landscape Prize 2023 consists of:

Anne Stausholm, landscape architect MDL, Anne Stausholm Landskab, representative of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder.

Eva Sara Rasmussen, landscape architect MDL, MAA, NATOUR, representative of Danske Landskabsarkitekter

Steen Himmer, landscape architect MPN, Gladsaxe Municipality, representative of Park- og Naturforvalterne.

Anna Esbjørn, urban anthropologist & program manager in CONCITO – Danmarks grønne tænketank / independent representative.

Michael Thouber, cand.mag, director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg / independent representative.

Facts about the Danish Landscape Award

The Danish Landscape Award is awarded by ‘Danske Arkitektvirksomheder’, ‘Park- og Naturforvalterne’ and ‘Danske Landskabsarkitekter’. Who also serves as the secretariat for the prize. This year marks the 11th time that the Danish Landscape Award has been given, and its purpose is to honour landscape architectural works of particular character that serve as inspiration for the development of the industry.

Previous winners of the Danish Landscape Award are ’Remiseparken’ (2021), ’Christiansborg områdesikring’ (2019), ’Forpladsen til Kulturhuset Nordvest’ (2017), ’Novo Nordisk Naturpark’ (2015), ’Tagparadiset’ (2014),’Haveselskabets Have’ (2013), ’Hjerting Strandpark’ (2012), Billedhuggerhaven (2011), ’Måløvaksen’ (2010) and  ’Over sø og land Taarup Davinde’ (2009).

Published on December 1, 2023

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