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Location: France / Paris / Type: Playgrounds / Built: 2014 /
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Espace Libre: The analysis and research made on the teaching of the child and his perception of space work have enabled us to develop a program highlighting a dedicated early childhood space. The generous space of almost 1900m2, yet conscious of every detail, is divided into three parts: a plot, a raised area for adults and a disbursed central area for children. The topography of the site consists in a multitude of micro altitude (shooting steps in red, slopes, hollow…), in contrasting materials (aggregate concrete, soft soil, asphalt, grass), in colorful (red, beige, blue, yellow, green, brown …), in the changing of textures (Hard, pout , fleece, … ) with abundant vegetations (trees, shrubs, grasses , perennials …) that allows the child to evolved in a stimulating environment.

By creating a diverse area, we finally created a playground for younger children. Nowadays, Alfortville is the instigator of one of the largest public recreational space dedicated to the toddlers.

In order to enable children to take possession of all the components of the space: earth , plants , light , smells , colors , sounds, the playground gathers furniture playing with hissing sounds, and one transparent playing with light. There is also a plant palette that plays with the senses. It is endemic. More over, it was conceived and composed the same way the Piano of a perfumer is. The collection of plants will, toward the young child, awake the senses through touch with numerous grasses : Panicum, Imperata, Spodiopogon, smell with lavender, oregano, verbena, and taste with sage, the menthe, thyme.

Landscape Architecture: Espace Libre
Location: Alfortville
Design Year: 2013
Year of Construction: 2014
Area: 2500 m²
Budget: 400 000 euros

4 thoughts on "A Toddlers Playground by Espace Libre"

  1. Bruce sharky says:

    Who was the designer of this toddlers’ play ground in Alfortville, France?

  2. Sjoerd Radstaak says:

    Espace Libre, it right at the top of this page…..

  3. Maria B. says:

    what kind of coating is it on this strip where children draw with chalk?

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