30 June / Call for Submissions: Forest Encounters

FOREST ENCOUNTERS: short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays

The European cooperation project FOREST ENCOUNTERS is looking for representations of
different encounters with the forest from both human and non-human perspectives.

The FOREST ENCOUNTERS project explores and proposes diverse imaginaries, concepts, and
practices around the following questions: What and how can we learn with and through the
forest? What are actual and potential human encounters with the forest? How can we
better coexist with the forest? What kind of forests do we want and need in the future?

The open call is looking for texts that explore your personal experiences around the forest.

Different perspectives of the forest — as the aesthetic, social, political, ecological,
metaphysical, etc. space — are welcomed as well as non-traditional writing that might not
be supported by conventional publishing venues.





Published on June 20, 2024

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