28 April / KERB Journal Open Call for Submissions

KERB Journal, a student-led landscape architecture publication produced by RMIT University in Melbourne, is interested in expressions of interest (EOI) for submission that speak to the UNSAID, within but also expanding beyond the discipline of landscape architecture. They are seeking a Max 200-word abstract, EOI’s will be received by COB 28 April 2024.

Key examples for submissions could include: A photographic essay, A visual essay, Art Imagery, Poetry, Interview.

To formally submit your expression of interest, fill out the Google Form.

“What are the UNSAID, unnoticed, forgotten, silent and marginalised undercurrents that flow through our lives and the landscapes we inhabit? We may not know or may have forgotten the language to describe them, but they are still there, quietly connecting us.

As we become aware of our own positionality and socio-cultural capabilities, we find ourselves in a crisis of practice—how do we make space in design to acknowledge, support and listen to a diversity of perspectives and epistemologies? UNSAID, seeks to explore practices and methodologies that voice or hear what is often unacknowledged. Creating environments grounded in empathy and reciprocity which acknowledge mutual influence and agency in shaping landscapes across scales.

We think it is important to approach situations from the edges and with humility. To slow down, listen, and create space for intersecting knowledges. Kerb 32 is interested in submissions that surface the UNSAID, within and beyond the discipline of landscape architecture, including those that voice or respond to intersectional and more-than-human perspectives.”

For further information, visit links to Kerb’s website and socials:

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Published on April 15, 2024

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