250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know by B. Cannon Ivers

Landscape architects know that simply following the rules and changing spaces according to formulas and recipes is not enough to design significant landscapes, let alone change people’s perceptions of a landscape. Life is messy, and we have to invent and update rules repeatedly. This book comprises little secrets and invaluable experiences written by fifty experienced landscape architects, both thinkers and practitioners.

Although the book is based on Two Hundred and Fifty Things an Architect Should Know by the recently deceased architect Michael Sorkin, B. Cannon Ivers’ edition seems fresh, up-to-date and entirely adapted to the increasingly complex and multilayered nature of landscape architecture.

250 statements, each on its own spread and illustrated with an image, make messages clear and straightforward. But don’t let the easy-to-swallow format fool you. The book is excellent and a room with many doors. Each of the thoughts offers a world of its own for further intellectual deep-diving.

Hopefully, 250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know will become a bestseller in our global professional community and beyond. It makes a beautiful gift for all landscape enthusiasts and an absolute must-have for landscape professionals. *****

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written by Zaš Brezar https://www.linkedin.com/in/zas-brezar/

Published on December 23, 2021

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