It’s been fat 4 years since sea organs were built as a enrichment of the Zadar’s Riva-waterfront. The movement of the waves pushes air through the pipes, and makes them whistle. 35 Pipes are hidden in marble staircase, each one is tuned differently, and sometimes can be very loud. Sound comes out from two lines of holes as you can see on a pictures bellow. The area around the staircase was designed as a pier for uploading tourists on a big cruiser ships. What makes the whole Sea organ experience even more harmonic is the fact, that is the only place in this part of a waterfront, where one can easily access the sea.

Project: Sea Organs
Designer: Nikola Bašič withIvan Stamać dipl. inž. (sound)
Location: Zadar / Croatia
Hydraulics: Prof. dr. Vladimir Andročec
Organ pipe design: Mr. Tomislav Faullend Heferer

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