18 August – 9 September, Berlin, DE: How do we AGGLO?

You are invited to Berlin, Germany, to take part in the exhibition and symposium that was, among others, initiated also by LILA 2023 Honour Award winner Prof. Dr. Lisa Diedrich.

From the event material:

We introduce AGGLOmeration as a design activity in urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture. Welcome to our AGGLO experiment!

18.08.2023 18.00h – Opening

Welcome by Manfred Kühne, Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing, Director Urban Planning and Projects

“How do we AGGLO?” – a conversation between Benita Braun-Feldweg, Lisa Diedrich and Flavio Janches, moderated by Günter Barczik, with international guests from Sweden, Egypt, Argentina

19.08.2023 15.00-17.00h – Keynote & Reflections

15.00h Welcome by the initiators

15.15h Keynote “Site Matters – towards Urban Ecotone Thinking” by Prof. Andrea Kahn, New York

15.45h Reflections on site-specific approaches from 3 disciplinary perspectives, by Benita Braun-Feldweg, Lisa Diedrich and Flavio Janches

16.30h Discussion

17.00h End

25.08.2023 18.00-20.00h – Discussion

“Where we live now” –

Friederike Meyer, Chefredakteurin Baunetz Meldungen

Claus Käpplinger, Architekturkritiker/ Universität Braunschweig

Prof. Sabine Müller, AHO Architecture School Oslo/ SMAQ, Berlin

Vertr.-Prof. Markus Vogl, Universität Stuttgart/ Studio Urbane Strategien, Stuttgart

Pia Maier-Schriever, Rustler Schriever Architekten, Berlin

Moderation: Initiatorinnen

Initiators / Initiatoren

Dipl.-Ing. Benita Braun-Feldweg M.Arch, bfstudio-architekten Berlin

Prof. Dr. Lisa Diedrich, Walter Gropius Chair Buenos Aires and SLU Malmö

Prof. Dr. Flavio Janches, FADU-UBA Buenos Aires

From the event flyer:

To agglomerate is to respect what is already there. Gone the times it made sense to build cities from scratch. The urban development offers the opportunity to work with existing bits and pieces and to turn this former edge of town into an ʻurban ecotoneʼ, a zone of encounter where people and other beings discover and eventually co-inhabit buildings, open spaces, urban systems, and atmospheres. Architecture plays a key role in agglomerating the urban puzzle around, locally and globally, as a space and as a social catalyst. To work with the existent requires site-specific design: to take stock of the resources in place (site reading), to decide where to intervene and with whom (site editing), to enact new uses (site activating) and to shape the details in space and in dynamic social contexts (site detailing).

How to AGGLO site specifically?

More info:

Instagram: @bfstudio-architekten, @feldfuenf
Websites: www.bfstudio-architekten.dewww.feldfuenf.berlin

Published on August 14, 2023

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