1 Hotel West Hollywood

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Location: California / Los Angeles / USA / Type: Resorts / Built: 2019 /
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Our design expresses 1 Hotel’s nature-forward brand with an exuberant strategy that employs earth-conscious elegance and innovation.

The tradition of blending indoor and outdoor environments stems from an appreciation of Southern California’s exceptional climate. Corresponding with the driving concept of the hotel brand, 1 Hotel West Hollywood represents the natural environment of its location with a specific focus on biophilic design principles, leveraging humans’ inherent inclination to affiliate with nature to deepen visitors’ connection to the local region.

Nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills with sweeping views, the project showcases authentic and raw materials such as wood, concrete, crushed rock, earthen plaster, and stone coupled with ecosystem-inspired plantings.

The design invites guests in with its rustic modern vibe inspired by the Santa Monica Mountains and its foothills which extend across the northern boundary of the Los Angeles Basin. The use of local materials, nature-inspired colors, and an abundance of plants thoughtfully align with the hotel’s high design standards.

The interplay between nature and culture as a continuation of the Hollywood Hills is emphasized with an abstracted canyon landscape between the towers of the hotel. The landscape spills sage scrub and chaparral vegetation and natural materials down out of the hills and through the courtyards and lobbies, creating an immersive environment that speaks to a sense of discovery.

The materials are combined and contrasted to emphasize each element’s distinct character and beauty. The hues of soft sandy stone of the Pacific coast and rosy clays of the nearby arid canyons, teeming with wind-sculpted trees, grasses, and cacti, are the defining inspiration for the texture, mood, and color story. Clusters of horticultural specimens in hand-sculpted clay vessels soften the edges of this oasis.

One of the most striking features is the use of reclaimed wood. More than 75 tons of recovered fallen trees from LA County are incorporated into the design, revealing ancient live edges, natural grain, and growth patterns in site benches, planters, and built-in furniture. The reclaimed wood achieves the desired character while also overcoming significant practical challenges of retrofitting an austere existing structure while emphasizing the holistic integration between nature and design.

The canyon between the hotel towers hosts a short “trail” between reclaimed timber planters. This shaded walk leads to the grand stair descending to the main lobby where artisanal pots and reclaimed wood furnishings begin outside and carry you into the lobby, lounge, and restaurant areas.

The café seating next to the canyon is framed by a stacked split rail fence which disappears into the trail plantings of native grasses, agaves, and California poppies. Even the lobby drop-off area is composed around a grand planter of reclaimed eucalyptus trunks which allowed us to plant three ancient olives that welcome arriving guests. All outdoor plantings and seating areas were composed as vignettes visible from inside so that the common areas of the hotel always provide biophilic benefits of connecting with nature throughout one’s visit.

The property boasts an Energy Star score of 95 and is one of the most energy-efficient hotels in Los Angeles. It is also the first LEED-EBOM certified hotel in LA under the v4 rating system (LEED for Existing Buildings v4 Silver Certified). By infusing nature into moments across the 1 Hotel West Hollywood property, an immersive beauty provides travelers with a unique and quintessential LA experience.

Landscape Architecture: RIOS

Project Webpage: 1 Hotel West Hollywood

Design Architect: AvroKO

Project location: 8490 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Design year: 2019

Year Built: 2019

Photography: Hunter Kerhart

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