Lecture: Wagon Landscaping

Francois Vadepied and Mathieu Gontier are both landscape architects from the School of Versailles. They are also trained in other fields, Francois in geophysics and cartography and Mathieu in Fine Arts and Russian language. Equipped with these various tools they established Wagon Landscaping in 2010.

Wagon is ta very interesting practice, working in different modes, as a catalyst, a designer and also as a builder – they physically engage in the construction process of their designs.

Their projects reflect a curious creative force. They explore how to be generous with modest means of design. They experiment with conventional economics behind landscape projects. They say they are committed to minimising the movement of the materials on site which speaks about common sense in regards to ecology and gives a sense of effortlessness to their works.

The Lecture was recorded on 4.4.2019 at the Department for Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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