The symposium aims to opened new questions regarding how ongoing climate and social dynamics are changing the design of open spaces in cities. Specifically, we wanted to question the popular term ‘green infrastructure’, a paradigm widely accepted in the design of open urban spaces. How does it affect the experience of the urban and which aspects of the design of urban spaces does it leave neglected? Is ‘green’ really an appropriate starting point in the attempt to make feasible designs for urban city life?

The second edition of Landezine LIVE brought international speakers from the field of landscape architecture and architecture to Ljubljana to speak about their projects and design approaches. The programme featured LILA award ceremony with lectures and a round table titled ‘Beyond Green’.


10:30 Udo Weilacher / Technische Universitaet Munchen (Germany)
11:15 Perry Lethlean / T.C.L. – Taylor Culity Lethlean (Australia)

12:00 BREAK

13:30 LILA Introduction by Chih-Wei GV Chang / SWA Group (USA)
13:45 Thomas Krarup / COBE (Denmark)
14:30 Olivier Phillipe / Agence Ter (France)

15:15 BREAK

15:45 Luc Wallays / OMGEVING (Belgium)
16:30 Hank van Tilborg / HNS Landscape Architects (Netherlands)

17:15 BREAK

17:45 – 19:00 ROUND TABLE

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