LILA 2017: Beyond Green
September 29th 2017 / Old Power Station / Ljubljana / Slovenia

The symposium opened interesting questions regarding how ongoing climate and social dynamics are changing the design of open spaces in cities. Specifically, we wanted to question the popular term ‘green infrastructure’, a paradigm widely accepted in the design of open urban spaces. How does it affect the experience of the urban and which aspects of the design of urban spaces does it leave neglected? Is ‘green’ really an appropriate starting point in the attempt to make feasible designs for urban city life?

The second edition of Landezine LIVE brought international speakers from the field of landscape architecture and architecture to Ljubljana to speak about their projects and design approaches. The programme featured LILA award ceremony with lectures and a round table titled ‘Beyond Green’.


10:30 Udo Weilacher / Technische Universitaet Munchen (Germany)
11:15 Perry Lethlean / T.C.L. – Taylor Culity Lethlean (Australia)

12:00 BREAK

13:30 LILA Introduction by Chih-Wei GV Chang / SWA Group (USA)
13:45 Thomas Krarup / COBE (Denmark)
14:30 Olivier Phillipe / Agence Ter (France)

15:15 BREAK

15:45 Luc Wallays / OMGEVING (Belgium)
16:30 Hank van Tilborg / HNS Landscape Architects (Netherlands)

17:15 BREAK

17:45 – 19:00 ROUND TABLE



Udo Weilacher / TUM – Technische Universität München

Professor Udo Weilacher from the Technical University of Munich will give the intro speech and set the framework through which we will see the presentations by the LILA winners.


Prof. Weilacher (b. 1963) researches the links between modern landscape architecture, the visual arts and garden design history in conjunction with forward-looking urban and cultivated landscape developments. The focus lies on the sustainable alteration of industrial landscapes to make new space for human habitation and nature.

After studying landscape architecture at TUM and California State Polytechnic University Pomona/Los Angeles, Prof. Weilacher was a research fellow and lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. In 2001, he did his doctorate at ETH Zurich. He was appointed professor of landscape architecture and design at the University of Hanover in 2002. He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences from 2006 to 2008. In 2009, he accepted the position of full professor at TUM. Prof. Weilacher is the author of numerous internationally published books. He is a member of the German Work Federation, the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, the German Society for Garden Art and Landscape Culture and the advisory board of the Center for Garden Art and Landscape Architecture. He is a member of the advisory board of the Center for Garden Art and Landscape Architecture at the University of Hanover (Leibniz Universität Hannover).

Perry Lethlean / T.C.L. (AUS)

Perry Lethlean is a partner in the Australian landscape architecture office T.C.L. – Taylor Cullity Lethlean. The office received many important national and international awards, such as WAF and Rosa Barba. He is also a member of the professional international jury for LILA 2017. He will present the North Wharf Promenade in Auckland designed by T.C.L..


Director at T.C.L. – Taylor Cullity Lethlean, BLArch MDes Urban Design PhD RMIT Adjunct Professor RMIT University FAILA ASLA

Perry is internationally recognised as a leading contemporary landscape architect and urban designer. His work is widely published, particularly his successful entries for major national and international design competitions including the National Arboretum in Canberra and the University of Sydney. His skills in urban design, at both the large master planning and detailed design scale, make him a valuable asset to TCL and clients. He is a sought after design lecturer and critic at Universities and as a juror for professional practice awards and advisory design bodies.
Perry has led the successful implementation of complex landscape and urban projects such as The Forest Gallery at the Melbourne Museum, The National Arboretum Canberra, winner of the 2014 World Architecture Festival, ‘Landscape of the Year’, Auckland Waterfront – North Wharf Promenade and Silo Park NZ, winner of the 2014 Rosa Barba Landscape Prize, and The Australian Garden, Cranbourne which won the 2013 WAF, ‘Landscape of the Year’ Award.

North Wharf Promenade

Thomas Krarup / COBE (DK)

Thomas Krarup will present recent works by the Copenhagen based office. Their project Nørreport Station in Copenhagen won LILA 2017 public choice award.

Thomas Krarup is one of COBE’s five Project Directors and part of COBE’s management. He is responsible for many of COBE’s award-winning projects, including The Library in Copenhagen’s North-West, Ragnarock Museum in Roskilde and Nørreport Station in the centre of Copenhagen. He has a thorough knowledge of the challenges you meet when working with complex building structures and programs and a successful and effective track record for project delivery. Thomas is trained as an architect from both Denmark and Holland and has work experience both locally and abroad. Prior to his time at COBE, he worked among others at MVRDV in Rotterdam.

Nørreport Station, Copenhagen

Nørreport Station, Copenhagen

Israel Square, Copenhagen

Israel Square, Copenhagen

Silo, Copenhagen

Silo, Copenhagen

Luc Wallays / OMGEVING (BE)

OMGEVING is a Belgian multidisciplinary office which received the highest number of votes in public voting on and won the LILA 2017 Public Choice Award in the office category. Luc Wallays, director of OMGEVING, will present a diverse array of projects done by OMGEVING in recent years.

Olivier Philippe / Agence Ter (FR)

Agence Ter won the LILA 2017 jury award for the project for Saint Ouen – Park At The Docks and received special mention from the jury in the office category. Olivier Philippe is one of three partners (Henri Bava, Michel Hössler).

“Saint Ouen – Park at The Docks” is a complex landscape system which offers optimistic answers to questions concerning social equity and water resilience. Agence Ter demonstrated excellent skills in designing a multifunctional, generous and inclusive social platform which offers various uses (including growing food). At the same time, it works as a sponge, providing space for water during heavy rains and floods. From the perspective of the design of urban open spaces, this project comes closest to the image of how life in urban environments should be in the times ahead of us.”

– LILA 2017 Jury

Saint Ouen – Park At The Docks

Hank van Tilborg / H+N+S Landscape Architects (NL)

Hank van Tilborg will present the works of H+N+S landscape architects, winner of the LILA 2017 jury award for offices. From the jury report: “H+N+S has through an engineering approach successfully developed large scale thinking about landscape, integrating aspects concerning energy, environment, well-being and aesthetics”.


Hank studied landscape architecture at Wageningen University (1990-1996). After various jobs, among others at the municipality of Rotterdam, Hank has worked as a senior landscape architect at H+N+S since 2006, from 2011 on as partner and member of the management team. His expertise lies in the combination of conceptual and more strategic planning with landscape architectural design. Some of his works as project designer are the landscape plans for Maasvlakte 2 (Rotterdam harbour) and the National Military Museum (Soesterberg).

Hank was member of the editorial team of Blauwe Kamer magazine, from 2004 until mid 2015, and publishes on a regular basis. He teaches landscape architecture at the Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Rotterdam and Wageningen University. From 2007 until early 2010 he was member of the programme board of AORTA Centre of Architecture in Utrecht. As of 2015 he’s a member of the committee for spatial quality and aesthetics of the municipality of Nijmegen. From 2016 he is member of the quality teams for Waalsprong and Waalbridge, both in Nijmegen, and chairman of the quality team Stadsblokken-Meinerswijk Arnhem. As of 2017 Hank is member of the External Advisory Committee of the Chair group landscape architecture at Wageningen University.

Park Buitenschot, Hoofddorp, Netherlands

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