LILA 2018: Attitudes
October 13th 2018 / HafenCity University / Hamburg / Germany

LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award 2018 winners and jury members were exploring ‘attitudes’ in landscape architecture. Speakers were internationally renowned and distinguished landscape architects from USA, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Kenya and Germany.

10:30 Introduction: Antje Stokman (HCU), Zaš Brezar (Landezine)
10:50 Jan Christian Vestre (Vestre)
11:00 Denis Leontiev (Strelka KB)
11:30 Discussion: Robert Schäfer, Sylvia Karres (Karres+Brands) and Denis Leontiev
12:00 coffee break

12:30 Chloe Humpreys (The Landscape Studio)
13:00 Shane Coen (Coen+Partners)
13:30 Discussion: Marc Pouzol (atelier le balto), Chloe Humphreys and Shane Coen
14:00 lunch break

15:00 Catherine Mosbach (Mosbach Paysagistes)
15:40 Discussion: Ken Smith (Ken Smith Workshop) and Catherine Mosbach
16:15 coffee break

16:45 Georges Descombes (Superpositions)
17:25 Discussion: Thorbjörn Andersson and Georges Descombes

18:00 LILA ceremony

Landezine LIVE was organized in collaboration with HafenCity University.
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with support from Vestre and Streetlife.


Jan Christian Vestre

Jan Christian Vestre is CEO of the family owned company Vestre, one of Europe’s most successful manufacturers of urban furniture. Jan Christian has a Master’s degree in law studies from the University of Oslo and has previously worked as a political adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry and in the Norwegian Parliament. Jan Christian believes that designers, clients and businesses must contribute to achieve the UN’s 17 sustainability goals, and that today’s most important task is to create social and democratic meeting places for all people.

See urban furniture by Vestre

Denis Leontiev

Denis Leontiev is CEO of Strelka KB and will present’s the firm’s projects and approaches. Strelka was mentioned by the LILA 2018 jury:

“Strelka KB is not a classical design office, but a bridge between Russian society and the global design profession. They stand out due to their role as facilitator, initiator and project driver. They do not claim to be design experts. but help make projects reality through their local expertise, willingness to navigate through the local environment, and a desire to change things. Strelka KB is not defined by a unitary design vision but by a collective of hundreds of young professionals hungry to transform their city and country. In doing so they have managed to affect change to an extent never before seen in the design profession.”

Office members

Consolidated Standard for the Improvement of Moscow’s Streets


Sylvia Karres

Sylvia Karres will be speaking as LILA 2018 jury member. She will participate in the discussion together with Robert Schäfer and Denis Leontiev, CEO of Strelka KB. They will be discussing the role of Strelka KB in Russia and will focus on methodologies that contributed to vast improvement of qualitiy of public space in Moscow and other Russian cities.

bio: Sylvia Karres (1956) studied landscape architecture at the Rijks Hogere School voor Tuin- en Landschapsinrichting (State College of Gardening and Landscaping) in Boskoop and at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. She has previously worked at Bureau Maas, as well as for the Province of North Holland, and for ten years as a designer and project manager at Bureau Bakker and Bleeker (now B+B) in Amsterdam. In 1997, she founded the office of karres+brands together with Bart Brands. Sylvia is director and co-owner of karres+brands.


Robert Schäfer

Robert Schäfer will be moderating the discussion with Denis Leontiev and Sylvia Karres. They will debate the state of open public space in Russia, tools for improvement and how Strelka KB fits in this story.

Robert is co-founder of LILA award and advisor to Landezine. He also founded Topos Magazine in 1992, Topos Award and was in charge of Garten+Landschaft 1984 – 2014. He studied Landscape Architecture and Journalism.

Chloe and Michael Humphreys

Chloe and Michael Humphreys are designing projects in Kenya under the name The Landscape Studio’. They will present their projects and they’ll tell us more how to design in this specific climate and social milieu. Their garden for Salaam House was mentioned by the jury:

“This intervention raises the question of what ‘garden’ is and what it represents. Salaam house is a ‘hard-core’ landscape architecture project sending a message that with subtle approach, simplicity and a modest budget we can create a garden by maintaining and appreciating what we already have.”

Salaam House

Savannah Circle


Shane Coen

Shane Coen is the Founder and CEO of Coen+Partners. He will present their work for Lake Marion Private Retreat that won this LILA 2018 for gardens. The jury recognized the project as:

“an outstanding way of bringing residents to nature, due to its simplicity and the way it allows for exploration. An ordinary site was curated and transformed by Coen+Partners into a dramatic landscape comprising various ambiences with a unique character.”

Shane has guided the innovative practice for over 20 years, overseeing the design vision for each project in the studio through his approach of contextual minimalism. Coen+Partners collaborates with the world’s leading and emerging global design talent to create site solutions that are rooted in place while embracing architectural, programmatic and ecological goals with innovation and beauty.


Marc Pouzol

Marc Pouzol will be speaking as a member of special garden jury for LILA 2018. He will be moderating the discussion with Chloe and Michael Humphreys and Shane Coen.

Marc is one of the partners at atelier le balto – landscape architecture office based out of Berlin. They focus in gardens and practice unique approach that moves between concept, experiment and execution.

Catherine Mosbach

Mosbach Paysagistes is 2018 Winner in Office Category. Catherine Mosbach, office founder and principal will be presenting projects and approaches by this French landscape architecture office. From the jury statement:

“Catherine Mosbach is an outstanding and talented creative force who pushes the profession beyond excellence, revealing hidden layers of designing and also thinking about landscape. The result is a portfolio of unique and strong conceptual works. They remind us that there will always be infinite opportunities to find and express an original personal vocation whilst practicing environmentally and socially responsible work.”

The Other Site

Louvre Lens, architecture by Sanaa

Bordeaux Botanical Garden


Ken Smith

Ken Smith will speak at HCU as LILA jury member in discussion with the winners. He is one of the best-known of a generation of landscape architects equally at home in the worlds of art, architecture, and urbanism. Trained in both design and the fine arts, he explores the relationship between art, contemporary culture, and landscape. He is committed to creating landscapes, especially parks and other public spaces, as a way of improving the quality of urban life. His work pushes beyond traditional typologies to create landscapes that draw on diverse cultural traditions and influences of contemporary culture. His practice, Ken Smith Workshop is based in New York City.

Georges Descombes

Georges Descombes (Superpositions), together with Atelier Descombes Rampini won LILA 2018 for their project Renaturalisation of River l’Aire. The jury wrote:

The project answers questions related to reintroducing nature into artificial landscape and dealing with landscape in rural-urban fringes. It reactivates the old river channel for visitors, masterfully combining new modest elements and simple structures into a powerful experience. The most poetic element is the grid of sand – a platform for the river – a natural force that expresses itself through decomposition. Designed as a ruin, the project is the process; full of play between the grid and the river, man and nature. Renaturalisation is not brought in by force; it occurs. One can imagine the river entering the grid for the first time, like an animal released from captivity, figuring out which way to go and where to settle. The power of this work lies in its honesty, taking us to a much deeper thinking about the relation between man and nature in the age of the Anthropocene.




Thorbjörn Andersson

Thorbjörn Andersson will speak at Landezine LIVE as LILA 2018 jury member. He will have a discussion with Georges Descombes. He has practiced landscape architecture since 1981, having studied landscape architecture, architecture, and art history in Sweden and the United States.

Thorbjörn Andersson has been author or co-author of numerous essays and several books including Svensk Trädgårdskonst under fyrahundra år . He also was the founder and editor of the journal Utblick Landskap. An elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts he is currently professor at Swedish University of Applied Life Sciences in Ultuna, Sweden, in addition to his continuing practice. Teaching experience also includes visiting professorships at the GSD at the Harvard University, Cambridge (2001); the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland (2004); and the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (2006). For his contribution to the field of landscape architecture, in 2009 Thorbjörn Andersson was awarded the Prince Eugene Medal from His Majesty, the King of Sweden.

See several projects by Thorbjörn Andersson that we are very glad to feature in our archive.

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