Read/Write Landscape
Upcoming Landezine LIVE Lecture Series: Feb 13 / Ljubljana / Slovenia /
Upcoming Landezine LIVE: read/write landscape / Old Power Station / Slomškova 18 / Ljubljana / Slovenia / Tuesday / February 13 / 5pm

The third event of the Landezine LIVE lecture series, titled ‘Read/Write Landscape’ will explore the architecture of imaginative and physical landscapes with the help from renowned international experts; Georges Descombes (Geneva) – landscape architect, Klaske Havik (Amsterdam) – architect – editor – professor, Pavel Gantar (Ljubljana) – urban sociologist and Chris Eckman (Ljubljana – Seattle) – singer-songwriter and writer.
tickets cost €8 and €10 on the day of the event.

You can also purchase tickets via bank transfer: LANDEZINE, Krakovski nasip 26, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, iban: si56 0201 9026 0481 773, bic/swift: ljbasi2x
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