Groundworks Office

Groundworks Office is an urban design and landscape architecture firm based in Berkeley, California. We work at all scales of the built environment and for all types of clients. We believe that “design” is a process, and not a product, and that our core mission is to build vibrant landscapes. We are an energetic, highly motivated office that thinks differently and challenges conventional norms. The urban spaces we create should reflect the complexity of our culture, be adaptable to the changing needs of the community and respond to our current environmental conditions. This isn’t accomplished with a rubber stamp approach to design, which is why we apply a high level of rigor to all of our projects. Every member of our team stays involved and connected to a project from beginning to end.

Our approach to design is research-based and process-driven. We believe in the creative process and prefer to work closely with our clients and the community to develop solution-oriented results. In the beginning of every project, we believe that information, data and observation are the foundations to the design process. This initial groundwork leads to a deep understanding of site and its latent and perceived characteristics. It also provides us with a framework for testing and decision-making so that the design process can be flexible and adapt to unpredictable forces. We believe the design process is a collaborative act, which requires input from multiple disciplines with a wide range of expertise. This blending of knowledge and our creative approach to design yields solutions that are layered, rich and complex.


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