Future Green Studio

Future Green Studio is a distinctive and innovative landscape design firm based in Brooklyn, New York. We are thoughtful stewards of our changing climate and creative shapers of our built environment. We are at the forefront of Landscape Urbanism—a design movement that combines a deep understanding of plants, people, and places. We recognize that all the complex systems, forces, and patterns of Nature do not stop at the city limits. We understand that each of our projects offer aesthetic value and serve as good places to be, but collectively, go further as a patchwork ecology of performative landscapes, contributing—through the water they filter, the air they clean, the species they shelter—to the sustainability, resiliency, and livability of homes, community, and the planet.

Our experienced practice applies this approach, like Nature, at every scale: from a garden in a home, through the curated landscape of a museum or institution, to envisioning the assets of an urban neighborhood, with all its social, economic, and historic elements. As careful observers and good listeners, our approach to the design process begins with detailed observation of what’s already happening on a site and close communication with clients and communities. In that way, we unearth inherent value and beauty. We reveal hidden assets, cultivate existing ecological niches, and figure out how new landscapes can enhance our daily lives and experience.

We believe that landscape and buildings can be deeply integrated: not as a tower in a garden, but a tower as a garden. The potential of a landscape can be awakened through a nuanced approach of deep analysis, and a reconciliation of sometimes seemingly-competing goals. We strike a balance between the economic and aesthetic goals of our clients to build consensus and have partnered especially well with municipalities and institutions for whom sustainability and visual effect are important. These goals are achieved through collaborative specializations in horticulture, fabrication, and technology, which enable us to work at the fine scale of craft and detail, but always to think big.


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