Openfabric is a landscape architecture and urban/rural design practice based in Rotterdam and Milan, founded in 2011 by Francesco Garofalo and managed with Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian and Matteo Motti. The practice is composed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals and is active locally and globally.

Openfabric projects range through a variety of landscapes in different geographies and conditions, which are approached without separating planning and design disciplines from natural sciences, sociology and arts.

Focusing on the complex dynamics and interactions that are part of open spaces, the practice’s goal is to generate spaces where the city, society and nature come together, addressing spontaneity rather than imposing rigid design and planning solutions. Openfabric projects favor under-programmed spaces and flexible uses in order to elevate the city as the stage of the everyday life and foster unexpected encounters.

Openfabric focuses on both predominately urban and rural conditions which are seamless part of contemporary ‘planetary urbanization’ condition. The practice has gained experience on a broad range of scales globally, exploring a number of research and design paths. Amongst others, Openfabric is active in rethinking the food production chain, trying to establish a link between gastronomy, agriculture, people and places, bridging disconnected territories.


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