Maanlumo is a team of specialists with an equally strong interest in space and place. The office was founded in 2013, and today it is a close team of 8 professionals. The name of the office (freely translated as “charm of the land”) refers to being enchanted by the land and the place itself: its past, present and future. By exploring different layers of the landscape, we form our vision for the place.

One of the challenges of landscape architecture is to combine natural elements and people’s needs, which is why understanding the place well is crucial. By turning the challenges of the site into strengths we can create unique quality environments. There are often existing wonderful elements well worth preserving, but they might need some attention and highlighting. Our role is to build a frame, but it’s up to future users and nature to mold it to their liking. For us the landscape is a living, dynamic and breathing process that continues evolving over time.

Maanlumo’s working methods are analytic, comprehensive and concept based. We create an artistic concept for the project that acts as a leitmotif visible in both large-scale features and smaller details. We focus on the land itself, its form and functions. Maanlumo’s special expertise are urban environments and extensive overall plans, as well as special solutions, such as parks and yards built on roofs. Also, particularly close to Maanlumo’s heart are the neglected spaces and wastelands that no one pays attention to; the cavity underneath a bridge or the fringes of a parking lot. The trick is to learn to see the inherent qualities of a space through a positive lens and strengthen them. We enjoy working with cross-scale multidisciplinary projects and like to be involved from the first sketches to the finishing stages of a project.

Future plans for Maanlumo include focus on urban nature, environmental values and deepening the knowledge in designing more inclusive environments for everyone. In 2016 and in 2019, the office received the Finnish award for “Environmental structure of the year” with projects Courtyard of Silence and rooftop park Bryga.


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