ECHO urban design

At ECHO we reconfigure traditional layouts and define new standards for liveability, from downtown to the outskirts.

We see densification as an opportunity to increase liveability and create space by design. This space is needed to accommodate global challenges that affect urban life. We carve out new urban landscapes that stimulate escapism, are climate adaptive and cultivate a community.

We make decisions from an inclusive framework which holds valid perspectives from three disciplines and helps us uncover integral design solutions. This is Urban Design.


We create livable urban environments – even in the most dense and complex areas – by using landscape architecture, urbanism and human architecture inclusively in our designs. The decisions we make while utilizing this inclusive framework hold valid perspectives from three disciplines, enabling us to discover an integral design solution. This is Urban Design.


We believe the best design solutions come not only from vision and craftsmanship, but also from dependency on the stakeholders involved. This way, we are convincing in our ideas yet flexible enough to make adjustments that fit the needs and interests of the players involved. We always say: our client is the city itself.


We listen, we play, we deliver. We transform your question into an opportunity and find the solution to get the case moving within two weeks. It’s all about separating your complex case into manageable parts and reassembling it from there. One part at a time. If something does not work, we all go back to the drawing board. We set two-week deadlines for every project part to find an integral design solution – on which you provide feedback – and take the project forward.


We embrace the complexity of Urban design. We have the knowledge inhouse to deal with current and future societal themes by giving our designers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on urban design related themes. Think about climate adaptation, the energy transition and the circular economy. We also know when it’s time to call in extra help: we rely on a broad network of experts from ecologists to financial consultants. We gladly involve them in the case if needed. We do, after all, design urban habitats that resonate.

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