Motif Planning & Design Consultants is a professional landscape planning and design consultancy was founded by Shu Yuan Wu in 2012 in Tapei, Taiwan. With the concept of Landscape Urbanism, it reflects on the design operation of traditional cities and explores the evolution of urban texture and urban landscape and its additional components in the future. Trying to find out the future landscape the opportunity and possibility of development.

Our projects range in scale from parks and large-scale planning commissions to urban spaces, cultural venues, schools, residential garden and art exhibitions. With respect for site-specific qualities we always strive for a vision that is both aesthetic and original. The goal is always to create responsive and beautiful environments that resonate with the surroundings and create a setting for new experiences.

Today we have more than 50 completed projects In Taiwan and Japan.  Many of them have become highly attractive destinations.  We attribute this to our professional background: we are trained to combine beauty with function and details in well-balanced solutions. Sometimes using traditional approaches, sometimes introducing more novel and innovative solutions.

Our team consists of 12 people working from our office in Taipei – the most talented and dedicated employees in all of Taiwan. We do our best to provide our employees with the ideal conditions for realizing their professional and personal dreams.

Director Shu-yuan Wu graduated from the AA School of Architecture in the UK. He is an associate member of the Royal Society of Landscape Architects (ALI) and Member of International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) He has accumulated many years of international work experience in London and Taipei. The scale includes the planning and design of urban, residential open space and parks. It is expected to provide new ideas and motivation for the owners with years of experience in London and a rich international perspective.

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