relais Landschaftsarchitekten

Landscape architecture is always a fascinating challenge. Based on the needs of the users, the spatial conditions and the history of the location, we are able to develop an individual concept for every situation. Staying curious and open minded, we look to ask the right questions, designing for the future and creating customized solutions for each space. The spectrum ranges from works in an urban to a landscape context, from urban planning scale to specific objects. We see ourselves as experts in landscape architecture who solve complex tasks in a team with architects, engineers and consultants.

Care and simplicity in the application of means and materials, profound knowledge of the multiple forms and use of plants including their anarchistic growth behavior ensure the high-quality of plant life over the seasons and decades to come. Working closely with the clients, we guide them carefully through the planning and execution from start to finish. Changes are creatively incorporated and the result is continually refined, creating a design of high quality which is realized in every detail.



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