Buro Lubbers

Buro Lubbers is a design studio for landscape architecture and urbanism. With ambition and good judgement our multidisciplinary team taps its creative potential for the spatial challenges of today and tomorrow.

Focused on the future

Places where people can have a good and happy life, an environment where they feel at home, with space for trees and flowers, birds and butterflies. This is what motivates us every day. Deeply committed to the world we all live in, we are driven to design plans for a more beautiful and healthier environment. More than ever we are faced with unparalleled issues: climate change, social unrest, natural capital depletion, loss of biodiversity, urbanization, demographic change. As spatial designers it is our mission to respond to these social challenges. That is why we design cities, landscapes and outdoor spaces that are ready for the future. They are climate adaptive and water resilient, they improve biodiversity and they enhance social engagement.

Genius loci as a base

Our strategy? Linking projects, combining solutions and uniting interests. We do this by fully mastering the genius loci, the identity of the place. Natural circumstances, urban structures as well as cultural history inspire us to create a new spatial plan that is specific to its location. We also ensure that vegetation, water, buildings, infrastructure and program reinforce each other. At the same time we listen to citizens, governments and businesses and translate their interests into the plan. Together with the commissioner, we optimize the various goals of the assignment. In doing so, step by step we create a plan that unites spatial, social, economic and ecological opportunities on common ground.

Robust and poetic

This strategy results in surprising projects, that in their apparent simplicity firmly present a location’s identity. The designs are always based on a strong and coherent spatial structure, that allows flexible interpretations and seamlessly integrates architecture. This framework often is green and consists of pollinator friendly vegetation. A robust water system is a self-evident part of the green structure. Other sustainable solutions, concerning for example mobility, energy, materialization and adaptability over time, are also naturally integrated. A sturdy and subtle visual design results in pleasant, inviting places, maintenance-friendly as well.

Experienced and innovative

Buro Lubbers realises a wide scheme of projects. We design residential areas, city centers and natural landscapes, business and health sites, parks, squares, gardens, outdoor spaces. We work at all scale levels, from masterplan to planting plan, from urban development to small architectural elements. Often we are involved from the very beginning to the last detail in the planning process being a member of the entire design and building group. Our team consists of experienced professionals and young talent: landscape architects, urban planners, architects, technical and graphic designers. Together they deploy their creativity and passion for innovative, realistic plans.


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