BOGL was founded by Adam Bang and Jens Linnet in 2009 and is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. The firm grew out of a film project portraying an architectural and personal Grand Tour throughout Scandinavia, from the southernmost town of Gedser to Nordkap in the high north. In addition to laying the foundation of a lifelong friendship and a professional partnership, the journey also instilled an appreciation of Scandinavian nature and culture that is still an inherent part of BOGL’s projects today. Projects which should bring positive change in everyday life – locally and globally.

We aim to create beautiful and functional settings that lead to improved quality of life for the users. And we strive to build a green and sustainable future where nature and people thrive and function in a shared setting. Even minor interventions and small adjustments can have a big effect – the key is to spin a red thread that connects theory and practice, ideas and real life

We do not have a preferred scale or project stage. On the contrary. To secure project consistency from idea to execution we always adopt a holistic approach. Thus, when we develop a masterplan, we always test the overall concept on a small scale too. From the design of an urban space to the detailing in the encounter of different materials. That is one of the reasons why we build so many physical models of our projects. The interaction between the conceptual and the concrete makes for a more robust outcome and makes the project easier to understand.

Our projects range in scale from parks and large-scale planning commissions to urban spaces, cultural venues and schools. With respect for site-specific qualities we always strive for an outcome that is both aesthetic and original, addresses functional needs and invites use. The goal is always to create responsive and beautiful environments that resonate with the surroundings and create a setting for new experiences.

When we say we aim to inspire, challenge and engage the world around us based on our professional approach, that is not an empty statement. We are passionate about our profession and wish to contribute to the development of landscape architecture at large. We experiment and develop new ideas, materials and methods. And we are happy to contribute in debates, conferences and educational contexts where we can challenge and be challenged on our attitudes and approaches.

Today we have more than 50 completed projects under our belt, many of which have become highly attractive destinations.  We attribute this to our professional background: we are trained to combine beauty with function and buildability in well-balanced solutions. Sometimes using traditional approaches, sometimes introducing more novel and innovative solutions.

Our team consists of 20 people working from our large, open office in Copenhagen and Oslo – the most talented and dedicated employees in all of Scandinavia. Without them, BOGL would not be the same. So of course, we do our best to provide our employees with the ideal conditions for realizing their professional and personal dreams. BOGL is a dynamic and open workplace with room for feelings, thoughts and ideas, both big and small. We engage with each other at eye level, and our close professional and social relations are the glue that keeps BOGL together.


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