Atelier Scale
Atelier Scale is a landscape studio that focuses on people’s livelihood with the power of design. It aims to explore the relationship within different scales in landscape, that is, to find creative solutions and expressions from the relationships between the whole and parts, groups and individuals. We believe no matter how small the project is, the design should respond to its regional context and social issues; and no matter how large the project is, the design should return to proportion, form, and material. We believe an approaching perfection of a design relies on the full dialog and debate between the macro and micro. The dialectical relationship between macro and micro could be developed into more relationships we are interested in – nature and city, sub-urbanization and urbanization, public and private, etc.
We focus on public space and hope to bring more meaningful experience through our design. In the meantime, we don’t mind participating in commercial projects, but we look forward to collaborating clients with similar values to create win-win works that benefit public interest. We insist multi-perspective involvement and the whole-process participation of the team, and encourage designers to grow in an all-round way through debate and collaboration. At the same time, we firmly believe that design is a negotiation of sensibility and rationality, which requires our team to maintain the spirit of scientific analysis and passionate creation at the same time.

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