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Nivå aspires to collaboratively develop the field of landscape architecture. Our work is site-specific and always begins with local conditions; we aim to make a poetic and playful contribution to a broader spatial tradition within landscape architecture. In each project, we work to establish meaningful relations between analysis, concept, and material expression—from concept to completion, we aim to produce contemporary landscape architecture that lasts. We generally work with commissioned projects, but even pursue these aims through educational activities and studies.

Place-Specific Landscape Architecture
All of Nivå’s projects are based upon robust analyses. We always take local conditions as our starting point: that our proposals come from our interpretation of the specificities of a given place is evident in the finished space. Analyses and studies thereby constitute a natural part of our practice, acting as the basis upon which decisions are made about how cultural preservation environments or large-scale open greenspace will be treated in a design.

A Spatial Tradition
The acts of framing that we perform as landscape architects produce spaces; in the long run, such spaces constitute the durable expressions of landscape architecture. This includes the large-scale structural frames, that between them frame our experience of the city—its rhythms and sequences—but also the subtle frames provided by vegetation, topography, or built elements, which produce parks. Beyond working with design concepts or furniture, it is these acts, rather, which form the basis of our discipline.

A Poetic and Playful Contribution
The character and atmosphere of a space can provoke feelings and create memorable experiences. Poetry and playfulness in the design of the urban and rural landscape create an extra dimension of experience within our everyday lives, compelling us to stop and to stay for a moment, or making us think or feel more deeply. The playful and the unexpected disrupt the realities we found ourselves within, helping us to create positive associations in relation to the places where we live.

Landscape Architecture as an Expression of the Present
We take great care to take into account the marks that we leave on the histories of each place that we work with. Beyond their current popularity, citizen dialogue processes provide a way to understand the needs of users: they allow answers to emerge from the place itself, and constitute an important element in contemporary landscape architecture practice. Nivå aspires to make clear the importance of public spaces to the public. To influence the present, we must actively take part in the public discourse surrounding landscape architecture; through lecturing and coordinating courses within art and architecture programs, we also develop the field in a range of new and innovative directions.

From concept to finished space
Our aim is to see the design process to fruition in each project. In the translations from idea to sketch to design drawing, both the analysis and the concept are incrementally developed. To keep a red thread alive throughout a project is a challenge. Nivå has amassed a great deal of experience across a range of built projects, combining technical expertise with design skill. We have also collaborated with a range of partners in order to see projects to completion—in such project teams, landscape architects often play a coordinating role, and thus gain insight over the entirety of a process.

Email: [email protected]
Legal address: Nivå Landskapsarkitektur AB, Renstiernas gata, 12116 28, Stockholm Sweden

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