Shma Company Limited

‘Shma’ means ‘Earth.’ We are a creative landscape architecture platform with multidisciplinary professions collaborating to deliver a meaningful and thoughtful design that deals with increasing social and environmental challenges in order to create a better earth.

We perceive landscape architecture as an integral territory of all scales – from regional to garden, without separation between architecture and landscape. We are always sensitive and careful on intervening the site and its context, in order to minimize disruption on existing ecosystem and improve the environment in a long term. To truly achieve a place where people can enjoy and belong, each site and context needs to be understood well with a right mixture of programs and design elements.

We always start with a simple, but critical question, going beyond client’s brief and seeking for ‘impact’ that the project can contribute to society and environment. Every project is designed through data analysis, site surveys and additional researches to tackle not only fundamental goals but also future challenges.

Within a community of diverse team members – landscape architects, technicians, horticulturists, strategic designers, and researchers, we actively exchange ideas and work together in creating transformative strategies and measureable landscape design. We explore new possibilities through collaboration with multidisciplinary consultants, clients, stakeholders, and people outside our discipline to obtain wide ranges of perspective, as a result, co-creating the right solution.

To expand our expertise, we also arrange various participatory design workshops, installation and exhibitions, seeing them as our additional research tools – defining problems, gaining feedbacks and improve our design. Thus, in the last process, we collect data from every project, and deliver to the public through online platforms and multimedia – essays, info graphics, animated videos and documentaries, leading to discussions and awareness about how we can create a better earth.


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