Spiel – und Bewegungsraumkonzept Schermbeck

DTP: The sport and exercise facilities for Schermbeck are designed to be an attraction for the entire municipal area, with appealing sporting and exercise options for all age groups. The interweaving of the different facilities creates a coherent space for exercise. Its concept provides for a safe, virtually car-free link between the sports facilities and school playgrounds, and thus intelligently supplements the system of safe routes to and from schools and anchors the theme of “sport and exercise” in the urban environment.

Through targeted priorities, the existing facilities have been developed according to themes and slot into the overall concept like pieces of a puzzle. The site’s own signage and orientation system installed at child height makes it easy to find the specific areas.

The different elements were developed in cooperation with students from the comprehensive school, the Maxi Kolbe primary school and any local people who were interested.

Short office name: DTP

Website: www.dtp-essen.de

Client: Schermbeck town council

Planning: 2014 – 2020

Completion: 2021

Realisation: Fun park (2015-2017); Phase 1: comprehensive school (2016-2018), step 2 (a): Sports strip (2017-2019); Phase 2 (b): qualification of sports facilities (during construction)

Photos: Nikolai Benner

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