Landesgartenschau Wassertrüdingen

Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur: For the Bavarian Garden Show 2019, the City of Wassertrüdingen decided to strengthen and expand its key green and recreational areas. The reference to water (Wasser) in the city‘s name is made tangible as an important element of the site. Two recreational areas with individual characters were created and linked by a green ribbon running through the city. These areas generate a diverse yet harmonious green structure, offering new sports and leisure opportunities, as well as ecological benefits, to the citizens of Wassertrüdingen.

The Klingenweiher landscape Park (approx. 71,000 m2) in the north has, as its main natural features, a range of small, sustainably developed ponds. This park is accessed and enjoyed via a bespoke walkway, whose golden cladding accompanies it as it transforms into bridges and piers. A lookout point atop a hill provides views over the entire surrounding landscape. At the southern end of the park, a large woodland playground adds a pleasurable conclusion to the project.

Short office name:  Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur

Role of your office in the project: Design


Project location: Wassertrüdingen, Bavaria, Germany

Design year: 2014-2019

Year Built: 2019

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