Hospital Karsudden

Urbio: Biophilic values ​​and the natural environment’s positive impact on health have been the starting points for the shape of the outdoor environment at the extensions of the hospital Karsudden in Katrineholm, Sweden. The forensic psychiatric healthcare institution has received several new walkways, focusing on recreational values, and a new entrance square. The arboretum square located at the main entrance consists of a mix of tree species that – together with the planted paving joints, playful tree guards and water element – give the site a scenic identity. The entrance has been converted from paved surfaces to a green square where vehicular traffic to and from the hospital has been preserved but is now secondary to pedestrian outdoor activities and values.


Hospital Karsudden, Katrineholm

Short office name: Urbio
Role of the office in the project: Landscape architect
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Linda Pettersson, Anders Lundahl, Marc De Decker
Client: Region department of Sörmland / Skanska
Project location: Karsudden Hospital Road, Katrineholm, Sweden
Design year: 2013-2015
Year Built: 2017

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