Square Wörgl

DnD Landschaftsplanung: The project impresses due to the design and the zoning of the public space. There is a spacious public square zone centrally located. The place is separated by a meandering concrete band. The separated and partly planted semi-public areas are spatially associated with the houses and their entrances. The green zones with trees are kept small to generate a reminiscence of the formerly situated common village meadow there. With the element of the meandering concrete band, all constructional questions are answered: it captures height differences, separates public from semi-public zones and intentionally differentiated surfaces and shapes a seating furniture in the end.

Landscape architecture Square Wörgl, Austria (Tirol)
Team: Anna Detzlhofer, Sabine Dessovic, Catherine Ludwig, Katharina Puxbaum, Sonja Schwingesbauer, Robert Wiener, Matthias Zingerle
Architecture plan: Riccione architekten
competition: 2015
area: 3.600 m²
Photo credits: Wolf Leeb architekturfotografie – www.wolfleeb.com


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