“There’s no need to look far where urban design & development are concerned – it’s the simple ideas which most often win through. Marking off areas, protecting life, and designing public spaces from which everyone can benefit – this is the Aréa spirit. Our aim is to organise the living environment as best possible, for everyone to enjoy, respecting individuals and giving priority to public interest. And we never forget that your day-to-day life is what shapes our reality … Listening, advising, proposing – we strive to apply these cornerstones of our activity with simplicity and rigour every day. For the perfect match. Mixing the useful and the enjoyable. Blending needs and pleasure.”

Michel Boudou, Aréa Catalogue, 1994


Since 1987, AREA has been a forerunner in creating street furniture in France. It has built up a recognized identity by fostering its own distinctive approach to sector design:
– FREE: imagining tomorrow’s city with boundless vision
– CREATIVE: observing how urban behaviours develop and providing innovative solutions
– SUSTAINABLE: taking direct interest in projects along with public space designers and showing core concern for end-users by empowering them in the design of their environment.

AREA’s four main families of street furniture are:

L’ARBRE (Trees): inspiring wellness

Tomorrow’s public space needs balance as a springboard to an enhanced environment. Urban nature requires help if it is to bloom. For 30 years now, Aréa has been conjuring up and fine-tuning practical solutions to protect and highlight plant-life in urban landscapes.

LA RUE (Streets): learning to share

The city’s pace is slowing down, making room for pedestrians and bicycles. The role of street furniture is fundamental to this pattern of development and constitutes a vital element for shaping urban amenities that bring the city to life.

LA PAUSE (Timeout): a place for living

Cities are not just areas people have to get around; they are places for experiencing life. Living, sharing, enjoying – public spaces need a sense of comfort. Furnishing the city is a way to make everyone feel at home.

L’EVASION (Getting away): free space

New ways of experiencing urban environments are seeing the light of day, combining sport, relaxation, play and sharing. For everyone to find their place across the spectrum of ages and needs, Aréa proposes a broad range of coordinated furnishings tailored to the uses of today and tomorrow.

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