Ujirany / New Directions Landscape Architects

„Development in the scenes of technology, science, economy and media constantly results changes in the demands of society. The cue of time is revaluated in the process of spatial design, as flexible concepts are needed to be set up to reflect on these changing demands. The role of concepts becomes more and more essential, legalizing the given plan. Our concepts are points determined by the coordinates of time and space, which create new meanings and value, meanwhile becoming newstarting points of new design processes, to assure continuity. Mapping these points in a system of coordinates the concepts are starting points from which the inspired plans draw up the direction of the vectors. These create the new directions within the system.”
– Ujirany Group 2002

Ujirany / New Directions Landscape Architects was founded under the name of Ujirany Group by young architects and landscape architects in 2000 on the occasion of designing the Millenary Park. The aim of the group (as the name New Directions indicates) is to reflect on new urban challenges we are faced by the ever changing world around us, drawing up new directions and possibilities of development. The works developed by Ujirany try to answer questions raised by the given time and space, which provides strong conceptual basis for each work and sets ground for the landscape design. Through our projects we try to advocate, by the means of landscape architecture and public interventions, that sustainability can be evoked, the base for livability can be set and embeddedness can be helped to arise. The works try to underpin that landscape architecture can contribute to the creation of a more open, inclusive and cooperative society that takes active part in forming its’ environment and future.


Ujirany Group now is divided into two counterparts: Ujirany Landscape Architects and Ujirany Architects. The group structure is an open and gradually changing one, making it possible for other young professionals sharing similar thoughts and principles to join the collaboration. The open structure of the working method allows the members to work on interdisciplinary projects integrating the different professions and ways of thinking. The discussion-based working method allows a strong concept-based design in all of our works – always stressing on the communal role of public spaces. Projects range on a large scale: exhibition design, garden design, urban public space design, urban regeneration, art based research work and public art.



In the midst of an inevitable paradigm shift heading towards a ‘sustainist era’ we are committed to take active part in promoting the social aspects of sustainability. As so an open-ended durational approach is one that characterizes the underlying principles of our office. With the help of public interventions – such as ASLA award winning ‘Pollmap’ and ‘The Chain of Public Art Interventions’, a selected work for the fourth volume of the Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) series – and participatory design, we aim to build bridges between the locals and the authorities and enhance communication between fellow inhabitants in order to develop a stable network of citizens who take active part in creating and sustaining their community and their environment. We believe that ‘being there’ is an important factor of creating truly integrated plans for an area, in order to develop socially and culturally embedded places where the works and the people become an organic part of the life of a the given place, inspiring change authentically.


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