Quilapilún Park

Panorama: Legal requisites stated by public departments during the environmental approval process have been integrated in a 380 hectares masterplan, creating a repairment vision that capitalizes on the diversity of requirements to create a social and environmental project that becomes an opportunity to give back to local and regional communities. Parque Quilapilún is the first Botanical Garden exclusively dedicated to represent and educate on local and regional flora in Chile. It is a mining compensation project that integrates several social and environmental requisites.

Quilapilun is a project that proposes the creation of a discovery space, that exhibits and values diverse native landscapes from Chile´s central zone, especially those seen in the Metropolitan Region. The masterplan area is located north Angloamericans’ Minera Sur Andes (MSA) property, adjacent to Route G-131 (Quilapilun – Polpaico) with wide views towards the Chacabuco Valley and has a surface greater than 375 hectares to develop five different areas of intervention. Panorama worked in concept design, approvals process, construction management, and operation for the first two years.

Landscape Architecture, Architecture: Panorama
Location: Chile, Metropolitan Region, Colina
Design: 2008 first stage, 2010 to 2012 second stage
Construction: 2011- 2012
Park Area: 4,5 hectares
Building: 400 m2
Budget: 4,5 US million for building, park and all its parts
Photos: Panorama Team, Guy Wenborne, Sebastián Wilson

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