Wylde Mountain Bike Trail

GroupGSA: The Western Sydney Parklands, located in the heart of Western Sydney, comprises a 27km corridor including bushland, open space and recreation areas set within emerging residential growth areas. This developing urban context provides a unique framework for the Parklands and changing demands in the provision of recreation. This new mountain bike facility creates an active precinct within the Western Sydney Parklands focussed on BMX and Mountain Bike use. The bike facilities include pump tracks, jump runs and a 12km mountain bike course. The Wylde Mountain tracks and trails provide for daily use as well as cater for intensive visitation and camping during major bike events. The entry and activity facilities define the Mountain Bike Trail entry and establish a strong identity for the precinct. The activity precinct is the focus for social activity in the site, and includes informal lookout structures, walling and picnic shelters. All these focus on viewing of the bike activity and action. The new facilities sit playfully in the landscape as simple, tectonic and robust, yet refined built elements, responding to the mountain bike culture and aesthetic.

Landscape Architecture: GroupGSA
Construction: Coordinated Landscapes, Fleetwood Urban
Mountain Bike Pump Tracks and Trails: Dirtz
Client: Western Sydney Parklands Trust
Location: Cecil Hills, Sydney NSW
Area: Entry and Activity Precinct
Year: 2014
Photography: Simon Wood

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