Housing Project in Schwerzenbach

Neuland: The concept for the outdoor space surrounding the housing complex in Schwerzenbach draws its inspiration from the neighbouring Lake “Greifensee” and its wetland vegetation (grass, willow and poplar species), with the specific conditions of the site’s soil. Groups of grasses and perennials of diverse heights divide and organize the space as architectural walls or volumes. Small-scale architectures, such as bike and container boxes, complement the planting structure. With their interaction they build up a pattern of objects that is continuously and repetitively laid out across the open area, yet creating differentiated spaces. The material of Corten steel applied to the architectural elements makes reference to the adjacent railways.

Architect: Bauart Architekten und Planer AG, Zürich
Landscape architect: Neuland ArchitekturLandschaft GmbH (completion), vivo.architektur.landschaft gmbh, Zürich (first three phases until 1.9.2012)
Location: Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
Design year: 2008
Year of construction: 2009-2013
Budget: 2.2 Mio EUR
Additional information: Distinguished for “Selected Projects” at the European Biennale for Landscape Architecture 2014, Barcelona

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