Altmarkt, Dresden

WES Landscape Architecture: The redesign of the Altmarkt, Dresden’s oldest square, was subject to a multifaceted and complex requirement profile: the integration of a tram stop and an underground parking facility with 468 parking spaces into the area of the square, as well as the restructuring of the adjacent pedestrian areas. An urban, representative and multifunctional town plaza has emerged – an inner city “stage” with a high quality of stay. The design concept has been consistently attuned to fit the changeful history of the plaza. Five water basins, in which the brightly-lit arcades are reflected, mark what was originally the historic border of the Altmarkt square. The natural stone blocks, which each have a relief worked into the upper side, make an appealing sculptural volume, even without water.

Landscape Architecture: WES Landscape Architecture
Location: Dresden / Germany
Completed: 2009
Area: 25,300 m2
Photos: Alexander Paul Brandes
Sketches: Michael Rink
Text: WES Landscape Architecture
Photos + sketches: WES LandschaftsArchitektur

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