Leisure Centre of Madine’s Lake

Urbicus: The ‘planches de Madine’ are a unique architectural, urban and landscaping object in total harmony with the site. From buildings and squares to promenades, the boards are a symbol of Madine’s renewal. The deck ‘s relief emphasizes the topography of the site, its undulations greet the buildings and create its furniture, with the walker traveling above and below the buildings. The deck brings a stroke of modernity to the site’s image and follows the global design direction of the lake’s identity.

Design: Urbicus, Jean-Marc Gaulier
Client: syndicat mixte d’Aménagement du Lac de Madine
Team: Thomas Boisdet, Claire Bellet
Co-Contractors: 2AD Architectes (Lucie Rivault), Safège
Completed: 2014
Budget: 11 000 000 € HT


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