Landscape Architecture: Ilex landscape architecture
Location: Drocourt Rouvroy, Henin-Beaumont, France
Project management: Community of Agglomeration Henin-Carvin
Contest: June 2005
Status: Work in progress
Area: 160 ha
The first operational phase: 45ha

  • E-J 07.02.10

    i really don’t like the stone baskets, why do they appear in so many designs? they are unconfortable to sit on, ugly, cheap looking, rusty in a few years and will easily be overgrown with moss and grass. not a durable material IMO.

  • geronimo 07.05.10

    These gabion walls are actually affordable both short and long term and have a moderate to long life expectancy. I disagree with your comments about them being ugly. It really depends on where and how it’s used. Moss and grass growing through might be a pretty cool thing, especially for a sight that has an industrial past 🙂

    Nice project. I like the berms. Please Landezine, add a description!

  • If they used stainless steel there will be no rusting.

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