Wenying Lake

In China’s coal belt, Datong has been considered the most polluted city in the world. Wenying Lake, east of the city, once a prominent destination for leisure and trekking, became degraded as the city expanding rapidly in recent decades. The environmental planning and landscape architecture undertaken by AECOM restored the water quality and ecology of the lake, as well as its scenic beauty, and enhanced recreational opportunities. The lake now serves as the “green lungs” for the greater urban region and a pilot project for ecological restoration and sustainable redevelopment in northern China.

Project: Wenying Lake
Landscape Architecture: AECOM
Location: Datong, China
Area: 6.32 km2
Budget: 1.2 billion RMB
Design: 2009
Built: 2012

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  • […] Known as the “Mother Lake”, this invaluable reservoir acts as the essential water supply for the city of Datong, considered the most polluted city in the world. Simple yet effective environmental planning strategies have been put in place to combat the ramifications of continual urban development and degradation, restoring the water quality and ecological value to the region. See this project here  […]

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