Place Général Brosset

Ilex: Thanks to the new traffic calming scheme and the construction of the future underground car park, it was possible to create a real central pedestrian public space for this neighborhood. The project creates a garden square, a visible and prestigious, simple and attractive project in total harmony with the 19th century architectural composition of the adjacent Haussmann-style apartment buildings. This space is organised around two interlocking elements: firstly, a garden square in the centre of this composition is both simple and very structured by a mosaic of twenty-three square pieces; secondly, a frame that surrounds the whole space and creates a link between the economic life of the façades, the railway station and the central space. This 9m wide walk of ochre limestone flagstones restores the scale of the façades and provides space for terraces outside cafés and restaurants.

Place Général Brosset – Lyon (France)
Owner : Grand Lyon
Designers : Ilex [paysage urbanisme] (team leader), Cap Vert Engineering, M.A. Design
Date : won in 2006, delivery in november 2012
Mission : Public space project design and management
Area : 17 000 m²

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  • Wow, there are some excellent selections and representation of lighting art from Erick. The light so natural. There is certainly a lot of thought to be considered behind these pictures.

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