Calendar Garden

Studio Basta: The aim of the project was to make a garden in coherence with its fragile surrounding landscape. The structure of the garden is build up with elements taken from the landscape : lines, patterns, hedges, meadows, tree-lines, …   A pattern of mown lines enclose squares of 24 to 24 meter of unmown grass.  This pattern continues the rationality of the agricultural landscape and brings in the meanwhile the human scale into the garden.  In this pattern of unmown squares, there is for each month of the year a little square of plantation that brings detail (form, colour, texture,…) into the garden.  The combination of agricultural logic and poetic garden-elements brings a surprising evidence throughout the seasons.

Project name:  Calendar-garden
Landscape architect: Studio Basta (Facebook)
Project address: Heuvelland – Belgium
Surface: 2,3 ha
Budget: 2,5euro/m²
Installation of the garden:  2008
Photographer : Michiel De Cleene (photos 12, 13, 14, 15)

  • Jan Busschaert 01.29.13

    Studio Basta is altijd verrassend en verfrissend !

  • Thijs Gauquie 01.29.13

    bulls eye!!!! weer recht in de roos!

  • Roe Vra 02.01.13

    Mooie opzet met inventieve invalshoek!
    Keep up the good work boys!

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