Tapis rouge!

Installation at the heart of the village of Jaujac celebrates 10 years of Art and Nature Trail, on my way an artist passes … Performance conducted Saturday, Sept. 10. Deploy the symbolic tribute to the red carpet! Through the village to link natural areas on either side, a link, a path … a path connecting the heart of the village and its inhabitants with the valley. The incarnation of the wire through the ages to Jaujac is a piece of nature, a communion between Nature and Man, through Art. This lawn strictly allowed, as a resurgence of life on the asphalt, cement or tar guide our steps, curious to see where it takes us …

Landscape Architecture: Gaëlle Villedary
Location: Jaujac – France
Completed: 2011
168 rollers lawn – 420 meters – 3.5 tonnes
Photos David Monjou, Text: Gaëlle Villedary



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