In the limit where the city edge of Granada merges with the agricultural landscape of its surroundings, the new Forum public space is developed. The project pretends to establish a dialogue from a contemporary perspective with the traditional agricultural landscape preserved from the new building construction. The visual relations with the Sierra Nevada mountain, the historical city, and the new cultural equipment developed in the area, defines the new landscape.


This new territory is defined by a flexible intervention system, that permits to direct the movement of visitors and improve the perception of the new qualities of the site, as the introduction of interchangeable uses.
In ground ́s level, the work has been conceived as a series of diffracted bands of different materials. Between them, the nature emerge. The garden is developed in two levels. The first one is the access, and the second, at a lower level, sheltered from the highway by elevations of the vegetal bands, allows the development of business and social events. This territory of continuous and broken bands is a garden defined by force lines that follows our walk and invite us to feel it. The lines are the limits that build the garden like an agricultural landscape.
This is an area of convergence, based on lines that define the areas of different kinds of trees and bushes, and the whisper of water in a pond.
In one roof, visitors will be floating on a sea of blue recycled glass. In the other, they will walk on red grass between vegetal white clouds, remembering Boris Vian.


The geometry of the project defines its construction. The chosen materials enhance the qualities of this new territory. The floor is made by warm ́s bands of wood, white concrete with black stones, a contemporary evocation of an historical pavement from Granada, and dark slate. The force lines that defines this bands are constructed in corten steel, and rise from the level of the ground to lead, protect, or contain. In the access, the simple geometry and the perfumes define the spaces. On the lower level, color and variety of textures and volumes of bushes and trees are the main elements. Water lead us by this new landscape, qualifies the paths, and invites us to have a rest.

Architects: Federico Wulff Barreiro, Francisco del Corral
Assistants: Ana Ibáñez, Jorge Asencio (Landscape), Daniel Marcos (Architecture)
Engireering Consultant: Ingeniería Medina, S.L.
Client:: Forum de Empresas de Granada, S.A.
Building Company: El Partal, S.A.U. Nedy Hortet, Civil Engineer
Photos: Fernando Alda
Total Built Surface: 11.000 m2
Budget: 2.500.000 Euros
Project: July 2008 – June 2009


  • sui 09.14.11

    Wow. Interesting in both plan and section. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jasmine 02.04.12

    It looks great and amazing,but how i can find the designer’s website? i wanna to see more his works,thanks so much

  • Chao Niu 08.02.13

    love it!!! Brovo~

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