Idealice: The public square reminds of a playable carpet, forming the new center of the quarters and becoming a stage of everyday life and community activities. The open design allows crossing and using in any direction. In the range of the cloud-like pergola and the. Alpine Garden occurs a formal concentration: Geometrically arranged rank stands, f orming “Heumandln” (hay sculptures) stretch a field that provides different spatial experiences: Depending on your position, the ranks close or become permeable – a simple but effective principle, as we know it, perhaps from meadows of our childhood. This “Alpine Garden” separates the northern part that is assigned as the market area from the southern part, where events of some associations may take place.

Landscape Architecture: Idealice
Location: Innsbruck Olympic Village, Austria
Design: 2003/04
Construction: 2005/06
Text & photos: Idealice

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