Schinkel Islands

The Schinkel zone is an area along the Schinkel channel, located on the fringe of Amsterdam. The zone is interpreted as an archipelago existing of four different islands that house a large number of recreational facilities. The backbone of the design is a recreational and ecological connection between the Vondelpark and the Amsterdam Forest, using an old railway embankment. The various functions determine the nature of the islands: there is a tennis island, an island of boat houses, a soccer island, a park island and a nature island . By increasing the total area of water and using piers, platforms, bridges and reed beds, the presence of water is felt more directly. The area becomes an unique Water Park forming a new entrance for the city of Amsterdam.

Landscape Architecture: Buro Sant en Co
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Area: 12 ha
Client: Municipality of Amsterdam – district Oud Zuid
Design: 2001-2008
Implementation period: 2006-2010

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