Schonherr: The project Vestled at Hvide Sande Village, create accessibility to the seaside for everybody in any physical condition. The project is partly a ramp made of facing stone – which provides access from the existing parking lot, via the dunes toward the shore. The coating is encircled by an in-situ cast concrete border and kept in position by an advanced foundation system. The second part of the work lay by the foot of the dunes. It’s a part of the horizon figuratively withdrawn – a 28 meter long and 46 cm high dark patina bronze sculpture. This part of the project provides fully integrated and comfortable seating opportunities.

Landscape Architecture: Schonherr
Project group: Landscape architect Torben Schønherr
Professor Architect MAA Carsten Juel-Christiansen
Sculptress Marianne Hesselbjerg
Engineer: Hasserisgaard Ingeniørkontor and Havnecon Consulting Aps
Design period: 2004-2005
Construction: 2006
Area: Facing stone area 1.350 m2
Costs: 0.3 mio. €
Client: The Danish Arts Foundation and Holmland Municipality
Photo credits: Christina Capetillo (vestled_01+02+03+04+05+06+07) Vibeke Krogh (vestled_08)
and Erik W. Olsson (vestled_09 +10)

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