Rehwaldt: SÜDLICHE LOHMÜHLENINSEL is located in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin. The island is 600 meter long, 100 meter wide, and was sprung up with the booming of state canal and dam during 1845 and 1850. Tan workers improved manufacturing of leathers by using barks (tanning materials) as addictive, and SÜDLICHE LOHMÜHLENINSEL got its name from this. The island is next to a canal, which makes it part of the boarder between East and West Berlin; it is also part of the inner boarder of the sate when the country was split. After Germany was reunited, former boarder was reformed into a park, which improved the landscape quality of Kreuzberg for its lack of greening area. Most reconstruction of public greening area on SÜDLICHE LOHMÜHLENINSEL was finished 2008, which provided a good place of exercises and rest for people at different ages. The large newly-built stadium and sports strip have perfected and made up for the existing island planning. SÜDLICHE LOHMÜHLENINSEL is also an area where walkers and bike riders often pass through. Therefore, key to the planning is to avoid conflicts led by different utilization. Besides, two important issues about the planning, one is to improve landscape quality at the entrance of the road “Vor dem Schlesischen Tor“, the other is to perfect the connection that leads to Görlitzer Park.

Landscape Architecture: Rehwaldt
Location: Berlin / Germany
Area: 6.5 ha
Total construction amount: 740,000 EUR
Competition: 2009, first prize
Realization: 2010
Developed by: Local government of Friedrichshain by – Krotz Fort, Berlin


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