Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten: The prominent geometrical urban space in Berlin city centre, situated between traffic axes and buildings, has been strengthened. Existing trees gave reason to develop a spatially cohesive green area. The urban plaza can be used in various ways and offers space for a multitude of activities. The flanking building’s ground-floor zones and areas at the train track offer the possibility of utilizing these outdoor spaces as outdoor dining zones or venue spaces. Regarding this the site is defined by its borders. The “Freie Mitte” (clear centre) is a flexible zone, responding in various ways to the multiple uses and activities of its surroundings. Modern-day, the ULAP Area is a space for all age-groups. Generous spatial arrangement and the tree canopy are creating a generous and clearly arranged urban open space.

Landscape Architecture: Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten
Area: 1,3 ha
Budget: 1,1 Mio EUR
Design competition: 2005, 1st prize
Completion: 2008, German Landscape Architecture Prize 2009
Client: Senate Department of Urban Development, Berlin

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