Vetschpartner: A monumental history, the central cemetery of Basel. Heading to the powerful main axis, up against the wood. Impressive clarity along the perspectives of the transverse axes. Towards a long-drawn honeycomb structure on the transition to the steep slope. No sooner is the urn building crossed devoutly expands surprisingly a protracted place. Condensed calm before the ascent through undulating groves. A forest garden, one might think. You cross the bridge to gently rolling meadow escapes. Horizontal lines guide through the park landscape, the irrepressible nature has the upper hand. Mown grass strip leading to the grave stones, metaphor of attention, constant renewal, a coming and going. Powerful is the death and small is the man. Up the way, warm thermal covers the grass, the smell of undergrowth and orchids exudes. At the top, the view back into the distance. Dreamy cemetery refuge of serenity and joy, a place for the living.

Landscape Architecture: Vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten
Location: Riehen, Switzerland
Community Planner: vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zurich Emanuel Schoop Architekten, Baden Commissioned by Building Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
Competition: 1995, 1. Price
Design: 1997-1999
Costruction: 2001-2003
Area: 61 500 m2
Text&Photos: Vetschpartner LA

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